Mission & People

logo_ED_v1 copyMission

The Hopkins Blue Jay Herald is a student group established last July 14, 2018 by Roshan Chikarmane, Vincent Guo, August Li and Emmanuel Datan within Johns Hopkins University.  We at the Hopkins Blue Jay Herald aim to provide a concise, appealing, informative, practical, user friendly, digital resource that graduate students can consult periodically during their training.

The mission of the group and its newsletter (aka Hopkins Herald) is to compliment formal graduate biomedical training with non-academic information that improves student experience and success at Hopkins in addition to helping students navigate obstacles during training like improving mentor-mentee relationship.

Our commitment to the importance of truthfulness and accuracy in Hopkins Herald is encapsulated in our logo of a blue jay (a Hopkins affiliate symbol) perching on a golden herald’s trumpet (indicating value, honesty and courage) with a red banner and a bi-color H serving as a monogram for Hopkins Herald. The latin term “Veritas Liberabit” emblazoned on the golden trumpet is taken from the Johns Hopkins University motto and highlights our mission of propagating truthfulness and truths for the benefit of humanity.